Who the heck is Sam?

Samuel Daniels is a drum kit player in the Waterloo region of Ontario who also loves to sing vocal harmonies while he plays.

Sam has been playing music since he was 6 years old, and putting bands together since he was 13. Over the years he has played many styles of music with dozens of different groups including jazz, big band, latin, rock, funk, blues, country, dance and more. While mostly performing in Canada, he has also played in the USA, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

His current project include:

    • Horn rock, soul, funk, R&B and original funk fusion music
    • Classic rock, 80s, reggae, a bit of everything else, and original music
    • Dance, pop, disco, top 40, R&B
    • Jazz, neo-soul, standards, and original jazz fusion music

(Super secretly he also sings and plays piano for fun at home)


Johnny B. Badd

Royal City Big Band

Dr. Draw

Bulldog Crossing

House Band at the Gables

With Respect to Time

The Galt Kiltie Band

The Tasty Jams

Big Bud Band

Green Eggs and Sam

Quarter Mile Lane

Karl and the Cherry Bomb Peppers

Banda de Música de la Universidad de Sonora

Wilfrid Laurier University Jazz Ensemble

Nescience Redemption

Ocean's Four